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Święta i uroczystości na świecie

Buddyzm (Theravada) : Święta i uroczystości religijne

Buddyzm (Theravada) : Ta strona informuje o świętach i uroczystościach religijnych na całym świecie w trakcie bieżących 3 miesięcy

Nazwa Data typu
Kheer Bhawani Yatra*piątek 18 czerwca, 2021Buddyzm (Theravada) 
Lecia Guru Rinpocze*niedziela 20 czerwca, 2021Buddyzm (Theravada) 
Regionalne œwięto**poniedziałek 21 czerwca, 2021Buddyzm (Theravada) 
Poson Poya*czwartek 24 czerwca, 2021Buddyzm (Theravada) 
Guru Rimpoche's Thungkar Tshechu*poniedziałek 19 lipca, 2021Buddyzm (Theravada) 
Khao Pansa / Esala Poya (poczštek postu buddyjskiego)*sobota 24 lipca, 2021Buddyzm (Theravada) 
Pang Lhabsol*niedziela 22 sierpnia, 2021Buddyzm (Theravada) 
Regionalne œwięto**poniedziałek 23 sierpnia, 2021Buddyzm (Theravada) 
Thimphu Drupchen*sobota 11 września, 2021Buddyzm (Theravada) 
Binara Full Moon Poya Day*poniedziałek 20 września, 2021Buddyzm (Theravada) 
Indra Jatra*poniedziałek 20 września, 2021Buddyzm (Theravada) 

Kheer Bhawani Yatra -
piątek 18 czerwca, 2021

Buddyzm (Theravada) : Kheer Bhawani Mela, also known as Kheer Bhawani Yatra, is the annual festival held at the temple of Mata Kheer Bhawani in Tulla Mulla village in Jammu and Kashmir

Lecia Guru Rinpocze -
niedziela 20 czerwca, 2021

Buddyzm (Theravada) : Padmasambhava (in Sanskrit meaning lotus-born ) founded the Tibetan or Tantric school of Buddhism in the 8th century. In Bhutan and Tibet he is better known as Guru Rinpoche ( Precious Master ) where followers of the Nyingma school regard him as the second Buddha.

Regionalne œwięto -
poniedziałek 21 czerwca, 2021

Buddyzm (Theravada) : Hemis Tsechu in Leh District

Poson Poya -
czwartek 24 czerwca, 2021

Buddyzm (Theravada) : Commemorates the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by Arahat Maha Mahinda (son of King Asoka of India) at Mihintale in the third century B.C. Ven Mahinda established the Dispensation of The Buddha (Buddhasasana) in Sri Lanka.

Guru Rimpoche's Thungkar Tshechu -
poniedziałek 19 lipca, 2021

Buddyzm (Theravada) : It marks the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava who is popularly known as Guru Rinpoche and revered by the Sikkimese people as the patron saint of Sikkim. He is the founder of Tibetan Buddhism who first introduced Buddhism in Tibet during the 8th century.

Khao Pansa / Esala Poya (poczštek postu buddyjskiego) -
sobota 24 lipca, 2021

Buddyzm (Theravada) : For a period of 3 months, Buddhists priests have to meditate in temples and observe strict rules. Young men are also enrolled in temples on that day, until Auk Phansa -- full moon of October, the official end of the rainy season.

Pang Lhabsol -
niedziela 22 sierpnia, 2021

Buddyzm (Theravada) : In this festival dedicated to Mt. Khangchendzonga, the guardian deity of Sikkim and to Yabdu, the supreme commander of Mount Khangchendzonga. It is staged in front of the Tsuklakhang monastery in the former palace compound in Gangtok

Regionalne œwięto -
poniedziałek 23 sierpnia, 2021

Buddyzm (Theravada) : Ghodejatra Kathmandu Valley only

Thimphu Drupchen -
sobota 11 września, 2021

Buddyzm (Theravada) : Lasts 5 days - The Drubchhen was instituted between 1705 and 1709 by Kuenga Gyaltshen, the first reincarnation of Jampel Dorji, the son of Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. According to legend, Pelden Lhamo appeared before him and performed the dances while he was in meditation. Based on these dances, Kuenga Gyeltshen initiated the Drubchhen

Binara Full Moon Poya Day -
poniedziałek 20 września, 2021

Buddyzm (Theravada) : Even before the birth of Buddhism, Asian ascetics in the ancient times when there were no calendars, made it a practice on full moon days to cease worldly pursuits and engage themselves in religious activities. The Buddha adopted this practice and from this developed the preaching of the Buddhist texts and commentaries (bana) in monasteries and temples on full moon Poya days. And when the Venerable Arahat Mahinda Thero introduced Buddhism to this country in 247 BC he also introduced the Poya tradition.

Indra Jatra -
poniedziałek 20 września, 2021

Buddyzm (Theravada) : The celebrations consist of two events, Indra Jatra and Kumari Jatra. Indra Jatra is marked by masked dances of deities and demons, displays of sacred images and tableaus in honor of the deity Indra, the king of heaven. Kumari Jatra is the chariot procession of the living goddess Kumari.